1. Project Idea

1. Goal

The goal of the hackathon is to show technical consistency of blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in a microgrid use case. Therefore, this use case has to be technically implemented and documented. Another part of this documentation is the concept of enhancing the traditional energy sector using P2P and automating dynamic contracts between the stakeholder involved in the energy system.

2. Expected Results

  • Detailed business and system use cases

  • Operational blockchain based on Ethereum with five different nodes

  • Smart contracts activated by different actors. The data will be provided by a Matlab model but the kWh data will be only sent to the involved actors in the transaction. Therefore the involved actors only have the information they need to know.

3. Technical Equipment

Besides the used notebooks the technical equipment consisted of:

  • Five Raspberry Pi 3

  • Network Infrastructure

Figure 2 - Technical Equipment

4. Responsibilites of the Team Members



Danny Moreira

Business Case/Cross section functions

Darius Klink

Business Case

Philipp Nuffer

Business Case

Alisa Bunte


Carmen Fuhrmann


Marcel Boer


Marcus Friedrich


Isabel Schorm


Mario Krämer

Project leader/Development

Dominik Seiz

Project leader

5. Explanation Video

In the following video you can find a short explanation of our concept:

6. Presentation

A short presentation on our project can be found on: