3. Procedure

The following chapters describe our procedure before and during the Hackathon.

1. Before Hackathon

  • Set up Dropbox for exchanging documents

  • Set up Trello as tool for the project organisation

  • Set up Whatsapp group

  • Define responsibilities within the team (Excel sheet & Trello)

  • Define ways of documentation (Gitbook and Simple Show)

  • Set up Gitbook-Project

2. Hackathon Day 1

  • Check evaluation criteria (Excel from Relax)

  • Define structure of documentation in Gitbook

  • Draw up Raspberry Pi (as nodes)

  • Draw up further hardware (router, laptop)

  • Prepare Matlab

  • Create installation instructions

  • Define Use Case

  • Documentation in Gitbook

Figure 8 - Conception
Figure 9 - Development

3. Hackathon Day 2

  • Create Simple Show

  • Documentation in Gitbook

  • Create Powerpoint slides

  • Prepare demo

  • Define solution requirements

  • Define Minimum Viable Product

  • Compute Smart Contract

  • Ethereum Blockchain

  • Present results

Figure 10 - Presentation

4. Project Organization

The communication of the project participants took place first of all via Whatsapp (besides the meetings during the Hackathon).

Figure 11 - Whatsapp

The platform Dropbox was used for exchanging documents and files. The cloud-based file storage was divided into a file hierarchy to improve the usability.

Figure 12 - Dropbox

In order to manage the project planning, the project management tool Trello was used to distribute individual project tasks to the responsible persons. Thus, deadlines could be set and adhered to.

Figure 13 - Trello Board

During the two days, the group has assembled in short meetings to discuss the current status of each group member as well as the further procedure. Due to that, misunderstandings were avoided and everyone had the same knowledge base.