Distributed Economy and IoT

1. Hackathon Reutlingen University

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to the documentation of the project Distributed Economy and IoT that was realized as part of the hackathon on the 05./06. of July 2018. The use case refers to the enhancement of the traditional energy sector through peer-to peer-networks and stakeholders. The project focuses on automating dynamic contracts between the stakeholder involved in the energy system.
Figure 1 - Blockchain

1.2 Team Members

The team consists, on the one hand, of students from Reutlingen University specialized in decentralized energy systems (DEE) and, on the other hand, students from Reutlingen University that are focused on services computing (SC) to complement the required contentual domain of the hackathon:
  • Danny Moreira (DEE)
  • Darius Klink (DEE)
  • Philipp Nuffer (DEE)
  • Alisa Bunte (SC)
  • Marcel Boer (SC)
  • Carmen Fuhrmann (SC)
  • Marcus Friedrich (SC)
  • Mario Krämer (SC)
  • Isabel Schorm (SC)
  • Dominik Seiz (SC)

1.3 Documentation

The following chapters represent the description, course of action and results of the hackathon:
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